Energysaving and Watertreatment No. 2 (142), april 2023

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Driker B.N., Tsirulnikova N.V., Protazanov A.A., Styagov N.N. Protective coatings as a method of corrosion inhibition in industry and energy 4
Bubeeva I.A., Tyskineeva I.E., Banzaraktsaev A.B. Possibility of changing the water supply source of the water treatment system 7
Sataev  A.A., Sukharev M.S., Zotov V.O., Vashurin E.S., Balobanov A.S. Investigation of the operation of reverse osmotic membrane elements at high salinity 11
Zdanovskaya L.B., Kucherenko R.E. On the issue of calculating the loss of electrical energy 16
Seredkin A.A., Batukhtin A.G., Baranovskaya M.G. The efficiency of insulation of heating networks as a factor of economy of CHPP on the example of the heat supply system of the city of Chita 19
Gaak V.K., Glukhova M.V. Improving the efficiency of heat supply consumers through analysis and adjustment district boiler house heating network 25
Chistokhin A.S., Bobrov A.V. Sources of origin and methods of dealing with power outages in the chemical production of mineral fertilizers 30
Korneev S.D., Maryushin L.A., Tikhonova D.A., Mikirtychev S.A. Determination of geometric parameters of vertical capacitors with spiral fins 34
Tretyakova P.A. Selection of the route of the heating network 37
Agafonova I.V., Murashko M.M. Intensification of the heat transfer process in plate-type apparatuses by optimizing the geometric profile of the plates on the example of the manufacturer’s innovative solutions 44
Samarin O.D. Refined calculation of the freezing rate of external enclosing structures 49
Antsiferov S.A., Maslova N.V., Chirkova E.V. Simulation of convective air flows in a residential area 53
Khlynovsky A.M., Nechitaylov  V.V., Kiani E. Application of the method of functional cost analysis to improve the operation of the ultrafiltration unit of the water treatment plant of the TPP 59
Tretyakova P.A. Criteria for assessing the efficiency of the heat supply system 64
Kuznetsov V.M., Yurchevsky E.B., Spiridonov V.P. Legal regulation of the safety of low-power nuclear power plants (ASMM) 69