Energysaving and Watertreatment No. 6 (140), decemer 2022

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Burakov I.A., Burakov A.Y., Nikitina I.S., Dudolin A.A., Ye Y.A., Aung K.M. Investigation of the possibility of using wastewater from Na-cationite filters for the enrichment of energy coals in the framework of thermal power plants4
Borisov V.V., Dli M.I., Sinyavsky Yu.V. Hybrid forecasting of insolation in control systems of complex power plants9
Bezrukikh V.Y., Bezrukikh V.V., Avlasevich A.I., Olenev I.B. Ways to reduce capital and current costs for the generation of thermal energy in housing and communal services at the present stage15
Zamaleev M.M., Abramov A.V., Petrov A.V., Abaydullina Yu.R., Kiselyov I.I. Expanding the functionality of the CHPP through the development of technical solutions aimed at the efficient processing of solid waste21
Amerkhanov R.A., Antonov V.I., Kirichenko A.S. Combined system of heat and power supply to consumers using solar energy25
Zakharov V.E., Prokhorov D.V., Petrova T.N. Energy security of consumers in the service area of the central district of the electric power system of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)29
Geller Yu.A., Shatskikh Yu.V. Analysis of energy efficiency indicators of regenerative heat transfer unit34
Anisimov P.N., Medyakov A.A. Development and numerical simulation of a power plant with an open-cycle gas turbine and a steam turbine with an organic working fluid42
Kul’kov V.G., Norov D.S., Blagochinnov A.V., Likhachev A.I. The origin of a fatigue crack on the surface of an aluminum wire47
Barochkin A.E. Matrix modeling and optimization of steam turbine units52
Kuznetsov V.M., Yurchevsky E.B., Spiridonov V.P. Safety of a small nuclear power plant of project 20870. Part 1. Safety analysis of SNPP prototypes60
Tyskineeva I.E., Bubeeva I.A., Tsyzhipov S.E. Assessment of the negative impact of emissions from low-power boiler in Ulan-Ude73