Energysaving and Watertreatment No. 5 (139), october 2022

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Kovalchuk A.A. The use of Russian reagents when moving from the use of imported hydrazine hydrate and film-forming amines4
Abitov R.N., Selyugin A.S., Nizamova A.Kh. Problems of reliability of water supply networks of settlements9
Kirpichnikova I.M., Averina N.Yu., Kamyab H. Utilization of CO2 emissions in power plants using bioreactors15
Vedruchenko V.R., Finichenko A.U., Glukhova M.V., Lazarev E.S., Gusarov A.S. Development of schemes and selection of energy-saving technologies in the design and operation of heating boilers19
Khoreva V.A., Elistratov S.L. Study of the operation of a vacuum solar collector for thermal energy production in Novosibirsk23
Pavlov M.V., Karpov D.F., Gudkov A.G. Analysis of public building energy survey results using a dental clinic as a case study28
Mitrofanov S.V. Mathematical modeling of a hybrid power plant with a backup power source from rechargeable batteries33
Vasilev S.S. Simulation modeling of integrated heat and cool supply systems in far north on example of Yakutsk39
Ovsyannikov D.E., Sennikova O.B. Calculation of energy and economic efficiency of solar collectors in Moscow47
Galstyan R.A., Tsygulev N.I, Antonov M.A., Tkachenko A.S. Increasing the efficiency of electricity transmission in the electrical network by flexible regulation of reactive power51
Skubienko S.V., Yanchenko I.V. The effect of connecting an absorption refrigerating machine on the change of vacuum in the condenser of a steam turbine of a CCGT56
Kuznetsov V.M., Yurchevsky E.B., Amerkhanov R.A., Spiridonov V.P. Remarks on the ASMM project based on a floating power unit with nuclear reactor units of the KLT-40S type64
Frolova A.A., Prikhodko V.D., Zhernosek M.A. Formation of the territorial cost of electricity in the Russian federation for the economic evaluation of HVAC systems76