Energysaving and Watertreatment No. 1 (141), february 2023

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Bushuyev A.N. Features of the operation of first-stage Na-cationite filters on Ural water (on the example of PJSC «Orsknefteorgsintez») 4
Girfanov A.A., Gavrilov A.Y., Fazleev R.R. Exceptions to the use of coagulant in the scheme of source water purification at thermal power plants on the example of Kazan CHPP-2 8
Amerkhanov R.A., Tishchenko I.Yu., Tishchenko D.Yu., Zavgorodny S.A. On of the effectiveness of the use of solar photovoltaic systems for the power supply of a private house in the climatic conditions of Krasnodar 11
Batukhtin A.G., Batukhtin S.G., Rudoy V.I., Kirillov M.V. Assessment of the potential for application of fuel briquettes with zeolite addition to reduce pollutant emissions in Transbaikal territory 17
Amerkhanov R.A., Kirichenko A.S., Kirichenko E.V. Climatic, territorial and socio-economic conditions of the Krasnodar territory significant for the legal regulation of power installations based on renewable energy sources 21
Samarin O.D. Comparison of the cooling rate of air and various fences in the room at the termination of heat supply 27
Vedruchenko V.R., Finichenko A.U., Glukhova M.V., Lazarev E.S., Gusarov A.S. About calculation of volumes of air and combustion products in a boiler furnace when working according to the scheme of discharge of exhaust gases of a gas turbine into it 31
Kondrashova Yu.N., Tretiakov A.M., Shalimov A.V. Calculation and evaluation of the efficiency of installations for the utilization of secondary energy resources based on turbo expander 35
Maryushin L.A., Sennikova O.B., Mikirtychev S.A., Shvedov I.D. Analysis of temperature dependences of titanium and nickel-based alloys 41
Sharpar N.M., Zhmakin L.I., Gostev D.S. Mathematical modeling of heat exchangers with a mixed flow scheme 45
Pavlov M.V., Karpov D.F. Construction sites thermal mapping results in Vologda 48
Batukhtin A.G., Seredkin A.A., Batukhtina I.U., Kirillov M.V. Economic aspects of the application of heat pumps in the technological schemes of large heat supply sources on the example of CHPPS of the Zabaikalsky territory 54
Bekirov O.S., Bekirov E.A., Voskresenskaya S.N., Amerkhanov R.A. Methods for estimating the power parameters of a wind power plant 61
Kuznetsov V.M., Yurchevsky E.B., Spiridonov V.P. Safety of a small nuclear power plant of project 20870. Part 2. On the reliability of the SNPP prototypes 65
Frolova A.A., Lukhmenev P.I., Frolov D.V. Calculation of the level of energetically expectable heat protection of external fencing structures in the building of the center of culture and arts 76