Energysaving and Watertreatment No. 3 (131), june 2021

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Garyaev A.B., Yurkina M.Yu., Matukhnov T.A., Matukhnova O.D. Repeated mains water softening as a method of saving energy and resources in the heat supply system4
Yuferev L.Yu., Parakhnich A.S. Modeling the parameters of a solar water-lifting plant10
Burov V.D., Krasichkov A.S. Estimation of the influence of preliminary fuel heating on the thermal economy indicators of CCGT-CPP14
Antonov V.I., Turov D.S. Solar energy efficiency for energy conservation19
Zamaleev M.M., Abramov A.V., Yakovlev A.A., Zamaleeva A.V., Maleshina M.A. Possibilities of thermal processing of plastic at CHP23
Frolova A.A., Petrov G.A. Required level of heat protection of enclosing constructions for public buildings in Russia and European countries27
Antonov V.I., Tolstoy D.S. On the use and implementation of solar renewable energy33
Khvostikov A.S., Dyker D.K. Recovery of low potential heat at thermal power plants37
Kuryanov V.N., Kul’kov V.G., Firsov Yu.V., Norov D.Sh., Popova M.V. Development of a methodology for predicting reliability indicators and monitoring the efficiency of power equipment using digital technologies in the context of the transition to digital active-adaptive networks with a distributed intelligent automation and control system42
Shaposhnikov V.V., Batko D.N. Development and verification of a mathematical model for the T-145 / 160-130 power unit in order to study the shutdown and replacement of steam extraction by high-pressure heaters46
Sobol A.N., Andreeva A.A., Kolomeitsev A.E. Development of protection devices for autonomous asynchronous generators wind power plants from stator winding damage54
Seregin A.A., Tokareva A.N., Gracheva N.N., Nedopekina A.A. Justification of the layout of infrared emitters in the repair shop using the experimental design program57
Pavlov M.V., Karpov D.F. Engineering calculation method of winter greenhouse combined heating system64
Shelest V.A., Amerkhanov R.A., Tsygulev N.I., Marchenko M.E., Sinegubov A.P. Simulation of automatic re-activation power lines69
Puzach S.V., Lebedchenko O.S., Spiridonov V.P. Analysis of the causes of accidents and features of fires at nuclear power plants73