Energysaving and Watertreatment No. 1 (129), january 2021

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Agamaliyev M.M., Askerov A.A., Ahmаdova J.A. Technology of multistage thermal distillation of seawater with mechanical vapor compression4
Amerkhanov R.A., Sobol A.N., Andreeva A.A. Problems of operating autonomous asynchronous generators wind power plants and solutions13
Samarin O.D. Oscillations of the freezing front in a cylindrical mass with the axial heat sourse17
Ayachi Omar. A., Alsayed Omar M.R. Technical and economic assessment of renewable energy in system using the net current value method21
Kolosov M.V., Lipovka Yu.L. Using computer monitoring energy efficiency in buildings30
Amerkhanov R.A., Sobol A.N., Andreeva A.A. Application of experimental planning theory for analysis faults of autonomous asynchronous generators wind power plants39
Galkovskiy V.A., Kolomytsev I.S. Analysis of heat transfer fluid leaks of the water heat networks45
Tsygulev N.I., Khlebnikov V.K., Shelest V.A., Galstyan R.A., Smagin K.A. Generation of algorithms for control of main intelligent electric networks52
Deriugin N.V., Tyurin M.P., Borodina E.S. Development of a steam-injection-type cooling system for a gas booster compressor of a steam-gas plant56
Antanenkova I.S., Ivanova A.O. Influence of properties of the working body of a gas piston internal combustion engine on the thermodynamic efficiency of the cycle65