Energysaving and Watertreatment No. 1 (123), february 2020

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Guseva O.V., Butakova M.V., Prorekhin S.M., Orlov K.A. Research of the neutralizing amines influence on the exchange capacity of the KU-2-8 ion-exchange resin in condensate purification schemes4
Bratoshevskaya V.V., Mirsoyanov V.N. Influence of natural factors on the formation of mountain recreational centers9
Stepanov O.A., Tretyakova P.А. The possibility of using heat pumps at Tyumen TPP-112
Kuldin N.A. Prospects for microgeneration in the Republic of Karelia17
Zamaleev M.M., Sharapov V.I., Markov I.A., Naryshkina K.S., Gubin I.V. Opportunities for recovery of waste heat from turbogenerators of TPSs in the scheme for the preparation of make-up water of the heating network21
Kirichenko A.S., Kirichenko E.V. Selection of the minimum map unit for mapping analysis of the effectiveness of placing renewable energy objects on the territory of Krasnodar region24
Fedorova M.A., Sasarov V.A., Novikov I.N. Variant of optimization of a working process in facility for thermal recycling of waste28
Samarin O.D., Lushin K.I. Application of method of dimensional analysis in problems of heat transfer33
Ivanitskiy M.S. Generalized model of calculation of benz(a)pyrene concentration in flue gases of power boilers37
Ivanitskiy M.S. Toxicity of combustion products of TGM-94 boilers when working on natural gas41
Polevich A.N., Маrchenko M.E. Operating water and gas cleaning and passivation of internal surfaces of heating of rectangular boiler of the SKD power unit from iron oxide deposits46
Lopatin E.I., Melnikov A.Y. Reliability analysis of power installation of a gas-turbine station when transfer to renewable types of energy49
Lopatin E.I., Melnikov A.Y. Research of balance and increase capacity of power installations based on renewable types of energy52
Yurchevsky E.B., Solodyannikov V.V. Description of mathematical model of water demineralization process with application of membrane technologies and the concentrate disposal unit55
Shaposhnikov V.V., Batko D.N., Mikhalko Ya.O. Extension of the regulatory range of the Krasnodar central heat and power plant through the application of a scheme for the joint operation of steam-power and combined-cycle gas and steam power units63
Karkach D.V., Bekirov E.A., Аmerkhanov R.A. Increase efficiency of photocells at their work in composition of hybrid collector68
Ametov F.R., Bekirov E.A., Аmerkhanov R.A. Determination of the basic vulnerabilities of APCS and technical solutions for their prevention73