Energysaving and Watertreatment No. 6 (134), december 2021

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Burakov I.A., Burakov A.Yu., Nikitina I.S., Aung H.N., Ye Y.A., Aung K.M. Assessment of the possibility of using underground natural sodium chloride brines in the framework of the implementation of gravity concentration processes for power-generating coals of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar4
Saracheva D.A., Sitdikova I.P., Abdulkina N.V. Method for determining heat and fuel consumption in oil preparation10
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Peretyatko M.A., Yakovlev P.V., Peretyatko S.A. The study of the influence of the flow velocity on the heat transfer coefficient during the boiling process of the organic fluid39
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Tikhonova D.A., Maryushin L.A. Experimental study of the impulse theory of thermal conductivity in non-destructive testing66
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