Energysaving and Watertreatment No. 6 (146), december 2023

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Protskiv V.R., Ondar A.B., Latypov A.M., Tatarnikova N.A., Trushakov R.V. Comparison of usage different cooling tower types in recycling water supply system 4
Abitov R.N., Selyugin A.S., Nizamova A.Kh. On the issue of reliability of drainage networks of settlements 9
Busarev A.V., Khisameeva L.R., Khairullina Y.K. On the issue of purification of industrial effluents of reinforced concrete structures with the use of membrane separators 16
Bass M.S., Kobylkin M.V. Analysis of the possibilities of using plasma fuel systems to increase efficiency of thermal power plants using the example of heat supply sources in the city of Chita 21
Kucherenko D.E., Kucherenko R.E, Petrushenko I.P. Minimization of electricity losses 27
Finichenko A.Yu., Polozkova A.P., Gusarov A.S. On the issue of managing the heat supply system of a building with a solar collector for the purpose of energy saving 30
Granchenko P.P., Sukhikh A.A., Kuznetsov K.I., Mereutsa Y.V. Small-scale power generating complexes using local fuels 35
Kobylkin M.V., Rikker Yu.O., Batukhtin S.G. The limit of inefficiency of heat pumping units in heating systems 43
Zatsarinnaya I.A., Masenko A.V., Shchebeteev V.A., Korovchenko M.S. Features of electromagnetic calculation of windings of electrotechnological installations on alternating current 49
Kucherenko D.E., Kucherenko R.E, Zubkov S.S. Methods and means of reactive power compensation 53
Frolova A.A. Graphical method for determining energy consumes by climating systems at different level of thermal protection of an office building 56
Yuferev L.Yu., Al Bairmani A.G. Optimization of the PI controller for a system of photovoltaic and virtual synchronous generators by the particle swarm (PSO) method 59
Kuznetsov V.M., Yurchevsky E.B. Radiation and chemical risks during decommissioning of the floating nuclear thermal power plant (FNPP) Akademik Lomonosov, project 20870. Part 2. Assessment of chemical exposures to personnel, the public and the environment 70