Energysaving and Watertreatment No. 4 (138), august 2022

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Amerkhanov R.A. The rector and the president are always the organizer4
Kuznetsov V.M., Yurchevsky E.B., Spiridonov V.P. Nuclear, radiation and environmental safety of VVER-1000 nuclear power reactors using mixed uranium-plutonium nuclear fuel. Part 2. Prospects for the use of mixed uranium-plutonium nuclear fuel in Russia11
Busarev A.V., Selyugin A.S., Khisameeva L.R., Zubarev A.M. On the issue of cleaning the industrial effluents of oil depots28
Malakhov G.I., Abdullaeva G.K. Utilization of the concentrate of reverse osmosis plants in the schemes of the WLU34
Bushuyev A.N. Energy costs for ultrafiltration membranes operation under the conditions of rapid contamination with coagulation products37
Tokareva A.N., Litvinov V.N., Panchenko S.V., Bryndin V.S. Analysis of heat-protective enclosing structures of the repair shop41
Vedruchenko V.R., Stib A.V., Glukhova M.V., Lysenko E.A. On the choice of technical and technological solutions to reduce47
Papin V.V., Bezuglov R.V., Efimov N.N., Filimonov V.R., Nedvigin A.R. Vortex effect as a way of operation of a heat pump51
Vedruchenko V.R., Polyanskii Y.V. On the calculation of a fire-tube boiler for different types of fuel using the Mathcad program57
Rotov P.V., Gafurov R.A., Gorshkov A.V. Features of heat supply in the heat market model according to the alternative boiler house method61
Bondarenko A.P., Asaev A.S. Investigation of the properties of polycomponent media in the break of continuity and the determination of external influences providing the origination of the cavitation effect67
Savenko A.V., Amerkhanov R.A., Emelin A.V. Iterative algorithm for determining the installation location and power of compensating devices in complex electrical networks71
Korneev S.D., Maryushin L.A., Sennikova O.B., Erokhin V.I. Design features of the water boiling zone in heat exchangers of desalination plants75