Energysaving and Watertreatment No. 2 (124), april 2020

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Semenova I.V. Benchmarking as a method for analyzing the results of industrial tests of innovative water purification technologies4
Gudkov A.G., Karpov D.F., Pavlov M.V. Processes modeling of chrome-containing waste watertreatment in a layer of aluminized fibers11
Tretyakova P.A., Menshikova A.A., Tretyakova T.V. Performance indicators for the use of heat pumps in a district heating system17
Amerkhanov R.A., Grigorash O.V., Vorob’ev E.V., Kolomeitsev A.E., Moroz V.V. Energy development in the world and in Russia22
Karpov D.F., Pavlov M.V., Sinitsyn A.A. Integrated energy-saving diagnostics of the technical condition of fencing structures of capital construction objects and engineering systems based on thermal control29
Polevich A.N., Маrchenko M.E. Analysis of effectiveness of preset and operating steam-water-oxygen cleaning and passivation of steam-water treatment of direct-flow and drum boilers34
Savenko A.V. Measures to account for electric energy in rural electric networks aimed at improving the efficiency of their work40
Kirpichnikova I.M., Abdulridha Z.Sh., Almawash А.D. Analysis of the energy situation in Iraq44
Ivanitskiy M.S.  Development of practical recommendations for selecting the cross section of the flue for continuous monitoring and accounting of emissions of harmful (polluting) substances into the atmosphere of thermal power plants54
Kabanova I.A., Ivanova O.A., Bogdanov A.D. Optimization of the process of designing water supply systems using the database of the basic equipment60
Rozhitsky D.B., Bardykin Yu.N. Application of a multifactor mathematical model for evaluating the potential of energy saving based on monitoring the functional condition of boilers of Russian railways67
Dudareva E.O. Integrated experimental studies of R3G450 radial EC fan73