Energysaving and Watertreatment No. 5 (145), october 2023

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Bushuev A.N. Modernization of the double-circuit cooling system of a blast furnace by introducing a complex for post-treatment and make-up of the primary circuit into the process 4
Seredkin A.A., Batukhtin S.G., Bass M.S. Study of the impact of energy efficiency of thermal consumers on the environmental efficiency of CHPPs on the example of the heat supply system of the city of Chita 9
Rezanov E.M., Starikov A.P., Finichenko A.Y., Kushnarenko A.V. On the efficiency of control of the high-temperature unit of the oil refinery 15
Didych V.A., Ilchenco Ya.A., Naguchev Z.H. Modernization of the cooling system of electric motors used in vortex pumps 20
Uskov A.E. Use of renewable energy in the industrial and urban sector 23
Yudaev I.V., Daus Yu.V., Rud’ E.E. On the organization of energy supply of small-sized autonomous greenhouses by renewable energy sources 28
Lastochkin D.M., Medyakov A.A., Ostashenkov A.P. Improving a no-failure operation of a PV systems with grid inverters 31
Maryushin L.A., Tikhonova D.A., Efremov A.E., Movile J., Efremov A.E. A model of an experimental installation for the study of pulsed effects on heat-stressed elements of technical devices 35
Stoyakin G.M., Kostin A.V., Naumenko S.N. Selection of the type of heat exchanger — exhaust gas heat utilizer of the transport diesel-generator unit 39
Verkholantsev A.A., Khlynovsky A.M., Nechitaylov V.V. Operational control of the parameters of the condition of the support units of centrifugal pumps 43
Vedruchenko V.R., Kozlova G.I., Shtib A.V. About the choice of the method of solid household waste disposal 47
Bezuglov R.V., Papin V.V., Vedmichev N.A., Volovikov V.Yu. Development of a fuel production scheme at tpp for combustion of solid waste and coal 51
Galstyan R.A., Tsygulev N.I., Amerkhanov R.A., Galstyan A.S. Increased power consumption when connecting a voltage stabilizer to a consumer 56
Prodous O.A., Shipilov A.A., Bliashko Ia.I. Use of difference wells in gravity sewer networks for electrical energy generation 59
Kuznetsov V.M., Yurchevsky E.B. Radiation and chemical risks during decommissioning of the floating nuclear thermal power plant (FNPP) Akademik Lomonosov, Project 20870. Part 1. Assessment of Radiation Effects on Personnel, the Public and the Environment 63