Energysaving and Watertreatment No. 2 (136), april 2022

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Vedruchenko V.R., Polyanskii Yu.V. The choice of methods and means to reduce harmful emissions from boilers operating on different types of fuel4
Volkov D.S., Zakharenko S.O., Menshikova A.A. Energy-saving technology of electric power production using integrated installation of Stirling engine and parabolic solar concentrator8
Malyavina E.G., Malikova O.Yu. Influence of design parameters of outside atmosphere on power characteristics of air conditioning systems12
Filatov S.V. On the issue of the use of submicron-sized coal particles during combustion in heat generating plants for heating residential premises17
Kurbonov K.M. Increasing heat efficiency by improving hydraulic parameters of heat supply devices21
Shelest V.A., Amerkhanov R.A., Tsygulev N.I., Marchenko M.E., Sinegubov A.P. Simulation of automatic switching on of the power reserve digitalized substations24
Trushakov R.V., Bobkov V.I., Mishchenko M.N. Computerized decision-making system for energy supply on a regional scale29
Pavlov M.V., Karpov D.F., Gudkov A.G. Analysis of civil public building thermal imaging examination results35
Samarin O.D. Final linking of ring gas networks by analytical method40
Zhukov V.P., Barochkin A.E. Modeling and calculation of the heat transfer process in a condensing boiler43
Gabdrafikov F.Z., Shamukaev S.B. Automatic control system of diesel generator set49
Kuznetsov V.M., Yurchevsky E.B., Amerkhanov R.A., Spiridonov V.P. Safety issues and technical aspects of decommissioning of nuclear power facilities57
Goryachev S.V., Droshin A.D., Snegirev D.G. Simulation and control of a variable speed wind turbine based on DFIG70
Goryachev S.V., Bobin K.V. Increasing the efficiency of solar panels by installing Fresnel lenses75