Energysaving and Watertreatment No. 1 (135), february 2022

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Kuznetsov P.N., Kotelnikov D.Y. Automated complex of intelligent monitoring of wind power plants4
Minaev B.N., Kostin A.V., Volkov S.A. To the question of assessment of fuel energy saving potential during operation of water-fired boiler units on natural gas11
Vedruchenko V.R., Rezanov E.M., Gluchova M.V., Petrov P.V. Results of a numerical study of heat protection of a building taking into account regulation of the released thermal energy16
Malikova O.Yu. Application of panel-radiant cooling to provide the required microclimate parameters in a multifunctional building22
Masenko A.V., Turchanin O.S., Shchebeteev V.A., Oshatinsky A.V., Yadykin M.A. Quality of electric supply in agricultural distribution electric network improve methods28
Bekirov E.A., Asanov M.M., Murtazaev E.R., Amerkhanov R.A. Potential for using wave energy converters of the Black and Azov Sea32
Sargsyan S.V., Parfentyeva N.A., Kravchuk V.Yu., Bazunov E.P. Calculation of the specific heat flux through a wall with a metal cup36
Brester A.E., Zhukov V.I., Shvetsov D.A., Pavlenko A.N. Determination of the temperature head during explosive boiling of a liquid under conditions of low pressure40
Bogatyrev A.V. Multilevel control system for the output parameters of the three-phase ac power supply46
Bekirov E.A., Voskresenskaya S.N., Murtazaev E.R., Amerkhanov R.A. Schematic solutions for power supply to consumers from renewable energy installations50
Samarin O.D. Solution of the problems of aerodynamics and heat transfer with the method of dimensional analysis55
Sargsyan S.V., Kravchuk V.Yu., Lyapinkov A.G. Optimal thermal technical characteristics of a porous insert in the external wall59
Kuznetsov V.M., Yurchevsky E.B., Spiridonov V.P. The planned discharge of liquid radioactive waste into the Pacific Ocean from the emergency Fukushima-1 NPP. Proposed approaches and solutions for the disposal of liquid radioactive waste of an emergency NPP63
Agafonova V.V., Panferova N.V., Finogenova O.E., Agafonov A.R. Study of the influence of carbon dioxide concentration in the classroom on the health of students76